Do you have a short zipped, button-up knitted cuffed or cropped hemmed jacket in your closet? If you do, you own a bomber jacket which is a statement jacket every man owns and wears it with a little sass, attitude, and versatility. Although the bomber jackets were initially made for pilots, there are more variations in the market now, and everyone can adopt this fashion statement. It is universally flattering with the cinched at the waist and broad shoulders, making it very practical. Here is the bomber jacket history, why you should own one, and how you can style it


Bomber Jacket Origin


The bomber jacket has its roots in the armed forces and has a relic of time-gone-by. The jacket has shed the war-time skin and is the most popular men's outwear piece of all time. It transcends the seasons and trends and is now part of pop culture. The bomber jacket is traced to the 1920s and was worn by army and military pilots during the World Wars. The previous long heavy-weight shearling jackets worn by pilots were impractical. Designers noticed that a short hem could be practical as it allowed the pilots to move freely on their seats, and the cuffs needed to be cuffed to prevent airflow up the arms as the cockpits were air open at this point. The larger pockets made it possible for the pilots to keep the airborne essentials in proximity.


Soon the civilians adopted the jacket as their everyday garment, and this is true as the pop culture promoted the jacket into a cultural icon. For instance, famous actors like Tom Cruise had a signature bomber jacket in the film Top Gun. More films placed the jacket in starring roles, and men went for this fashion statement as it made them appear more preppy and in touch with contemporary culture.


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Bomber Jacket Styling Tips


Go for the classics


Bomber jacket styles change from season to season depending on the trends, but a classically shaped bomber is a timeless style. The classic look will last and is suitable for any season. You can layer it with a roll-neck or over an untucked shirt, as it will make you look like a cool kid.


Go for a minimal look


If you doubt the classic style, you can opt for a minimal look as it is easier and versatile to wear and will make you look smart. The minimal bomber jacket manufacturers pay attention to the zipper pull rings. Furthermore, the jacket can have additions stripped away, which makes it basic and minimal. You can wear the minimal jacket to a party or an official event as it does not have additional aspects which make it shouting. You can wear it with different trouser outfits, but it will look best when you balance it with slim-fitting and cropped styles. For an evening date, you may go for a contrasting tone or opt for tonal for an official event.


Tailor the jacket


You can experiment with tailoring the bomber jackets as it gives a relaxed look. Men's traditional suits might be going out of fashion, and a tailored bomber jacket is viable for the official suits. You can wear one in place of a blazer and pair it with a shirt or T-shirt, lightweight knit, and sneakers.


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Trendy Bomber Jacket Styles


Navy Minimal MA-1


The navy minimal is pared-back, the easiest bomber jacket to wear, and should be at the top wear list. It has a slimmer body with no zip pockets on the upper arm, and you can wear it with denim shorts or pants. Furthermore, it is well-suited for the tailored official trousers and fits well in a work office. Moreover, you will not run out of options as you can wear it with tracksuits, wide-leg chinos


The leather bomber jacket


A leather jacket looks like an obvious choice, but you should be careful when choosing the best leather jacket. You can easily get it wrong with a leather jacket as not all leather jackets are created the same. You can go for high-quality hide, which will age well; if it is well-fitting, the jacket should not be constricting.


Suede bomber jackets


Suede is popular outerwear, but it might not be particularly convenient, especially if you are trapped in a sudden downpour. A suede bomber jacket is cool, and you can play with different colors as the dull luster of the fabric mutes the brighter tones.


Varsity bomber jacket


You can inject a youthful edge into your life with a simple varsity bomber jacket. You can throw a college bomber jacket over a pair of jeans and trainers to achieve a preppy style. In recent years, the preppy style has had a renaissance, and certain brands have taken the classic template to create unique styles.


Statement bomber jackets


Your outwear can be a statement on its own, and the bomber jacket offers an opportunity to make a statement. You can opt for an embroidered souvenir jacket or an oversized bomber. However, it would be wise to keep the rest of the outfit clean and simple to avoid overdoing the look when making a statement.


Why You Should Always Go For a Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets defy time and are a long-lasting investment, unlike trendy blazers and jackets, which go out of time from season to season. Moreover, it is a staple for layering, especially in fall when the weather is unpredictable. You may not know when it will rain or when a cold wind will start blowing. You can tackle the unpredicted cold by wearing a bomber jacket with a scarf. You can wear it as a part of the outfit or throw it over the shoulders. Either way, you will add a stylish glow to your appearance, and you can match it with your little one, and a customized bomber jacket can make a statement. Additionally, it is suitable for all occasions, and that is why you should incorporate it into your wardrobe.


Final Thoughts


If you are looking for a unisex jacket suitable for all occasions, then the bomber jacket might be an option for you. The jacket is practical and is easy to layer, making it suitable for all seasons. You can go for a minimal look or make a statement with this jacket, and that is why you should consider it a part of your everyday outfit.