The bomber jacket is an elegant, timeless outerwear piece that should be in every man’s closet. This classic jacket works for many occasions and is available in different sizes and styles. It is also versatile and fashionable. Therefore, if you want to keep warm during winter or need something casual to keep you through, you will find it the ideal choice.

These bomber jackets have military origins and have evolved over the years to become more fashion-oriented. But what many men now ask is how to wear this fashionable piece. Since its style has changed, you need to follow our guide on when and where to wear it.

Wearing the Bomber Jacket

1.With Jeans

Jeans are one of the most popular options to match with a bomber jacket. Scott Disick loved matching a pair of jeans with a classic bomber because the jacket was an ideal party jacket for his night-outs.

Matching your jeans with a good bomber jacket is a perfect idea at a casual event. But before you buy a bomber jacket, you should know that they’re not created equal. If you want a good jacket, then choose one with a good fit and material. However, you can opt for denim and cotton or leather jackets to take you to a higher smartness level.

But if you don’t like the popular options, you can opt for satin bombers to give you that element of luxe and elegance without choosing popular textures. You’ll also need to choose a perfect fit; it should hit your waist and have slim sleeves to give you a modern look.

2. With T-Shirt

Kanye is a popular celebrity who has given meaning to the bomber jacket due to his unique and elegant dress code. This fashion designer and hip-hop artist know how to get around and match the outfits. Though pairing jeans with tees might seem a bad idea, pairing them with a bomber will revolutionize your outfit.

If you are new to bombers, then try a black or white tee that is modern and decent. Alternatively, you can try Cos or Bassike and have fun with different colorful linings.

3. With Denim

Denim is a classic garment that is in the store for everyone. It will never run out of style, and whether it is a faded style or solid washed, it’s ideal for bomber jackets. Choose your favorite denim and match it with a blue or black mens bomber jacket for that classy look.

4. With a Hoodie

The hoodie also matches with a bomber jacket well as long as it's loosely fitting. It’s best to wear a slim jacket, but you can also make a baggy one by incorporating several layers. Also, adorn the jacket with several garments. If you want a unique and stylish look, then go for a black leather bomber jacket.


Though bomber jackets' origin dates to over 80 years ago, it is still a fashion icon even in the 21st century. It was used initially to keep pilots warm from the cold in their cockpits. Nowadays, it's common among both civilians and the army, and even women have adopted it in their fashion.