The bomber jacket was originally intended for military pilots and paratroopers during the Second World War. However, in just a few years, bombers have become an incredibly fashionable element of outerwear for every second young guy in civilian life, thanks to their minimalist and military silhouette, historical significance, and ease of wearing.


Nowadays, a bomber jacket is considered an indispensable item in the wardrobe of almost every man. Still, the question always remains: What are the top brands known for making top-notch bomber jackets?

Below, we have created an extensive list of the top 10 most popular bomber brands that stick to original designs.


men's bomber jacket brands


1. Alpha Industries


Created in the 1950s, the legendary MA-1 bomber flight jacket has become the staple flight jacket for the United States Air Force, Navy pilots, and ground crew. Later, in the 1960s, Alpha Industries received contracts from the Department of Defense to manufacture jackets for U.S. military personnel during the Vietnam War.


So if you are looking for a genuine bomber jacket from the original creators of this jacket, the Alpha Industries MA-1 Classic Flight Jacket is one of the finest bombers on the market, offering customers a design that doesn't deviate too much from the military style of the original.


2. Airboss


Since the days of military use and big movie screens, the bomber jacket has become a fashion icon for men of all ages. Columbia cannot fail to meet the needs of the male audience and also produces its own bomber jackets with reversible finishes in black leather, quilted fabric, velour, suede, etc. By giving preference to the Armani brand, you can rest assured of the quality of the bomber jacket, its visual style, and ease of wearing.


3.Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger is a popular American brand founded in 1985 by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. Since then, Hilfiger has become known for his high-quality clothing based on the "classic American cool" style. With that said, it is worth mentioning that fashion label T.H. also creates men's classic bomber jackets with a casual design with a frequent bias to the original military design, which means that such a jacket will be a good purchase in low temperatures.


4. Adidas Originals


Diesel is a renowned American company for the production of denim clothing for women and men since 1978 and many other everyday wardrobe items. If you look at the Adidas men's bomber jacket, you will see the highest quality tailoring and durable materials used. Adidas makes incredible quality and comfortable clothes, if not the best on the market in their own price range.


5. Jordan


The Jordan bomber is originally designed casually, made from waterproof nylon and durable fabrics, with a standard zip fastener and two large front zip pockets. Jordan bomber jackets usually feature a Nike embroidery on the chest.

If you are looking for a real bomber jacket with a great design, look at the Jordan products.


men's bomber jacket brands


6. Golden Bear


This is an American label that is the Rolls Royce of men's bomber jackets. Here, expect to find superior craftsmanship, bombproof construction, and quality bomber jackets. Although you will pay more, you are sure to get a high-quality product. This is the kind of jacket you will have for a lifetime, so when that is taken into account, the investment is surely worth it.


7. Schott NYC


If you have taken the fancy of an aviator jacket, your first port of call will surely be the Schott NYC. Actually, this brand has a pedigree in designing leather outwear, and the shearling-lined bomber jackets are no exception. Schott's one of the major styles is the G-1 style which is the most notable design.

8. Champion

When it comes to experience, the Champion brand is no exception. This American heritage label has been in existence for decades now. It has been many people's choice of bomber jackets. The bomber variety is one of the staple pieces of Champion that comes in either nylon or jersey cotton. Both of these are ideal timeless options that will not leave a hole in your pocket.


9. Tom Ford


As you expect from this famed fashion brand, the bomber jacket from Tom Ford is the answer to any fashion prayers. This iconic brand is known for its high-end couture, and the masterfully crafted products can only be termed as a stylist, at least.


10. Belstaff


If you look at the Belstaff bomber jacket, you will see the highest quality tailoring with the durable materials used. This top-notch clothing brand makes incredible quality and comfortable clothes, if not the best on the market in their own price range. And bomber jackets are, in fact, one of the most stylish clothes from Belstaff.


Wrapping up

The bomber jacket is a type of outerwear created as a traditional military outfit for U.S. pilots. Today, a bomber jacket is not just a model of a jacket but a real fashion cult. The above are the top 10 most popular men’s bomber jacket brands in the U.S. Thus, if you’re in need of a quality bomber jacket, you have many brands to choose from.