It is essential to follow the right steps when washing bomber jackets. The jackets can be washed in two ways. You can use a washing machine or hand wash. To decide whether to hand wash or use a washing machine, will depend on the materials used to make the jackets. They come in a wide range of materials that require different types of care. They can be made in materials such as leather, suede, wool, and nylon. There are some bomber jackets that can have more than one material. Ensure you adhere to all the washing instructions to avoid damaging the materials. Here are some of the steps you can take to easily wash the jackets:

Check out the care instructions

The manufacturers of the bomber jackets will have the cleaning instructions. In some cases, the instructions are provided on the packages. Check out the package before buying the jackets. If a given jacket will be hand washed only, then take into consideration the details before buying. The secret to maintaining the bomber jackets clean lies in adhering to the cleaning instructions.

Read the bomber jacket labels

For online buyers, you can start by reading the care details. The sellers will offer all details about the care and washing instructions. Ensure you adhere to all steps indicated on the jacket. It will be easy to keep the jackets clean by adhering to the cleaning instructions. The instructions will indicate the type of detergents that can work perfectly.

Machine washing the bomber jackets

Under the machine washing process, there are several steps to follow. For instance, start by zipping up the jacket. In case it has buttons, ensure you button up the jacket. Close the hook and the loop fasteners before you can put them in the washing machine. It is essential to secure all pockets and remove all items from the pockets so that it will not tear as it rotates in the washing machine.

Machine washing care tips

The bomber jacket should be cleaned in a washing machine where there are no other fabrics that fade or release color. Remember it can easily get stained if you mix it with other fabrics that will lose color. Check the care instructions to ensure you have the right machine-washing detergents. In most cases, it comes in delicate materials. You can air dry to avoid any damage when spinning in the dryer.

How to machine wash a bomber jacket

Here are the few steps to take when hand washing the jacket:

  • Ensure you do not mix with colored fabrics or other fabrics that can be affected in case the materials fade.
  • Follow the instructions on the care label to choose the right detergents. Place the detergent in a basin of water and allow it to soak.
  • Wash the jacket by scrubbing off stains. Ensure you rinse it several times till the water remains clean.
  • Dry air the jacket. You can place it under a shade to avoid too much exposure to UV rays that can lead to fading.
Always ensure you follow the care and cleaning instructions as indicated by the manufacturers. There are different types of bomber jackets and they will attract different cleaning instructions. Ensure you follow them to achieve the best results.