Bomber jackets are a quick solution for the cold but a great fit for fashion and style. Perhaps, getting one for casual occasions won’t just give you that fabulous look but rightly make you stand out above everyone. With their timeless sense of fashion and versatility, these jackets make an ideal outfit that every man should have in their closets.


To wear bomber jackets with style, be sure to match the color and clothing, preferably jeans and sneakers. If feasible, pair them with hoodies or V-neck t-shirts with closely resonating colors. This guide will give an insight into bomber jackets, the different outfits available, and how to wear them with style.


bomber jacket


What is a bomber jacket?


Bomber jackets have their origin rooted back from the past during the First World War. Due to their unrivaled durability and functionality, pilots wore them to keep off the cold when flying. They later trickled down to become one of the most adored outfits today. Over time, these jackets have dubbed various styles and designs, making them more versatile for men and befitting for casual occasions. Bomber jackets have a witty design, are close-fitting, and are warmer for cold weather. They come in different colors and materials, notably polyester, wool, leather, nylon, and suede.


Bomber jacket outfits


 Red bomber jacket


Red bomber jackets are a sought-after outfit for men due to their witty sense of style. These jackets are trendy and timeless and overly bold to depict confidence with a subtle touch of attitude. Pair this jacket with a grey, white, black V-neck or crew-neck t-shirt. You can also wear grey or soft blue denim jeans and white sporty shoes for a classy but simple look.


Olive bomber jacket


This bomber jacket is an irresistible choice for men who want a unique bracing look. Its literal and invigorating olive color defines its style, and rightly so. Perhaps, getting neutral color jeans that are close-fitting and a dark-hued shirt would perfectly complement your style. Since it essentially serves as a tone outfit, pairing it up with earthy colors such as brown and darker shades of grey can make you pop out.


White bomber jacket


Nothing feels sleek yet invigorating as a white bomber jacket. These jackets are a perfect timeless outfit to rock it hard on the streets. With their snowy appearance, these jackets impeccably flow with lighter color pairings, including soft blue denim jeans, white hoodies or t-shirts, and white sneakers.


Burgundy bomber jacket


Burgundy bomber jackets offer a unique perspective on fashion, thanks to their unrevoked style. Putting this jacket on gives you a cool look an uncompromising demeanor. Pair it up with black jeans, trousers and a black t-shirt. Perhaps, putting a hoodie on, preferably prominent but having a close tinge, can be befitting. A ruby hoodie won’t bite, and if you tie it with black sporty shoes, you’ll be armored to keep the streets in awe!


Long bomber jacket


While the typical bomber jackets grip around the waist and go no further, long bomber jackets trickle down beyond the waistline. They’re an ideal fit for men who want to display a light-hearted nonchalance yet fashionable. For the perfect look, pair this jacket with a hoodie or a crew-neck t-shirt, jeans or khaki trousers, and a pair of boots or high-soled sneakers.


Black bomber jacket


Black bomber jackets are the most versatile, giving you a wide array of colors for the perfect pairing. You can choose to go all black, pairing it with mostly darker shirts, hoodies, pants, and shoes to reveal your bold side. Or pair it with the numerous color options, including most neutral and bold colors. With their various color pairing options, these jackets are the most versatile outfits for a more thoughtful look.


Leather bomber jacket


Being the pioneering design that commandeered the invention of bomber jackets, they come in various colors and styles to choose from. For an edgy look, black can be an ideal fit, but its brown variations are befitting for a less timid appearance. Leather bomber jackets resonate with jeans or khaki trousers that are well-fitting. You can also complete the look by pairing it with black sporty shoes and a dark-hued hoodie or crew-neck t-shirt.


Suede bomber jacket


These jackets are a diversion from typical bomber jacket designs and have a different fabric from the conventional ones. They’re slightly lighter, definitely not befitting the cold weather but more aligned to style and fashion. They pair perfectly well with khaki or jeans and polo t-shirts and sports shoes for smart-casual occasions. Of course, you’ll have to get your perfect color and pair it to suit your sense of style and fashion.


Wear a Bomber Jacket with Style


When should you wear a bomber jacket?


During casual occasions


Bomber jackets are the perfect hand-pick befitting casual occasions. It could be going to a party, a family outing, or to make you feel good on the streets. Ideal pairings include mostly V-neck t-shirts or hoodies if the weather is cold and chino, jeans, or khaki trousers. Sporty shoes make an impeccable choice for footwear, but boots and high-soled sneakers can pair well with long bomber jackets.


Smart casual occasions


Smart casual occasions can be the off days from the office, where your boss wants you to loosen up a bit and dump the suit for a change. While it may not directly imply that, you get the idea. To match the occasion, you can wear a bomber jacket and pair it with a collared or polo shirt and casual-formal shoes, perhaps some loafers or derby shoes.


Wear a Bomber Jacket with Style


How should a bomber jacket fit?


A closely fitting bomber jacket is ideal for rocking the looks and staying comfortable through a cold day. Contemporary versions slightly grip the body from the original baggy designs, leaving little space for adjustments. It shouldn’t go beyond your waistline, and the sleeve shouldn’t drop beyond your wrists because then, they’d be baggier and less fashionable.


Frequently asked questions


-Are bomber jackets in style?


Bomber jackets are timeless, and from time immemorial, they’ve undergone subtle changes in designs to fit the modern fashion sense. They’re currently in style, and hopefully, they remain so for a long time.


-Should I zip up a bomber jacket?


If it calls for it, you can zip up your bomber jacket. However, if it doesn’t suit your style, you can unzip it for a more stylish look. Either way is acceptable.


-Can you put on a hoodie under a bomber jacket?


You can put on a hoodie under a jacket if the cold bites hard for more comfort. Nonetheless, the temperature isn’t definitive, provided that you feel comfortable wearing the jacket. It also makes your style pop out and, therefore, is perfect for casual occasions.


-What do you put on under a bomber jacket?


A simple t-shirt would work just fine, but you can still wear polos or collared shirts if necessary. A hoodie would be fit for the cold weather.


Bottom line


Bomber jackets are one of the versatile and timeless outfits perfect for casual occasions. To dub the ideal style, pair them up with casual trousers and sneakers with either hoodies or t-shirts. Of course, keep tabs on the colors you choose for a more stylish look.