The bomber jacket is one of the biggest essentials in men’s fashion. And fast forward to 2021, they are back with a bang with the top brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna and Tom ford drawing our attention to their best bomber jackets. Additionally, you will find other top brands such as Hentschman, Sandbank and Alpha industries updating their closet with new, elegant mens bomber jackets.

Bomber jackets are dependable, functional and enhances the good looks of your outfit. You only need a good t-shirt., sneakers and a classic bomber jacket to give you that modern look. Additionally, it is also versatile, and they never go old. These jackets are ideal for winter and summer, from matching them with denim to Japanese art and casual prints.

History of Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is one of the men’s clothing whose roots trace back to the armed forces. It is similar to a parka, trenchcoat, or peacoat. It has timeless appeal regardless of the trends or seasons since it originated from the military; it's deeply entrenched in it and is now part of the clothing culture.

The first bomber jacket was manufactured in the 1920s; before its inception, airmen used to wear long and heavy jackets to keep them warm in their cockpits. Their cockpits were open-air during this time and were less efficient. They had to have more space for movement when using the aircraft, large pockets to carry other essentials, and knitted cuffs to prevent air from flowing up their arms. The army settled on the Type A-1 as their first uniform, and after successive attempts, they upgraded this uniform to A-2, which was launched in 1931. This successor had button snaps, a leather collar, and a zip.

In the 1950s, the military introduced the MA-1, which was a further upgrade. At the time, bomber jackets were trendy, and this can be seen in top movies such as Top Gun, where Tom Cruise is wearing it, and The Great Escape, where the main actors wear these jackets.

Who Should Wear Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is not very discriminating clothing and therefore is ideal for any age and body type. Provided you pick one that fits you well, then it will match your body. Just ensure it's close to your shoulder and arms though you can also opt for a baggy one.

How to Wear it

Since the bomber jacket is versatile clothing, you can match it with any denim, t-shirt, oxford shirt, or chinos. Just wear it like your regular blazer and ensure your shoulders fit in snugly. Their design also makes them shorter in the back, and you should pay focus on the front only since a longer bomber jacket is usually sloppy and makes your outfit odd; it's best to choose your size.


The bomber jacket has remained a true fashion icon since it was first introduced in the 1920s. It’s of shorter length and usually comes with front pockets, zip front, and classic design. Since they are manufactured using different styles and materials, you will always find one that suits your fashion taste and offers maximum versatility.