Men's jacket should be cared for and maintained well to ensure that they last long enough and remain in good shape at all times. Regardless of your bomber jacket's make material, it would help if you took the responsibility of correctly cleaning, storing and wearing it. This care guide will explore all the maintenance practices needed for a bomber jacket.

First, understand your bomber jacket.

To know how to care for your bomber jacket correctly, you should first take time to understand it. Reading the manufacturer's instructions regarding your bomber jacket's conditions should be the first thing you do. The conditions should include washing requirements, whether machine or hand, maximum temperature, treatment frequencies, etc. The conditions should definitely vary for various bomber jacket materials, including polyester, satin, nylon, or leather.

3 main bomber jackets materials and how to care for them


The bomber jacket made of leather should get the most attention as they can get damaged when mishandled.

• Cleaning

To prevent your leather bomber jackets from getting ripped, always hand wash them. The leather jackets should not soak up too much; hence a diluted soap should be used to clean dirty spots. However, professional cleaning is necessary once per year to restore its pristine conditions if cracked or has lost color.

In a big basin, add about three spoons of mild detergent and then add water and mix thoroughly to form a thick mixture. Take three soft washcloths such as a sponge, wet the first one with the soapy water, and then wipe clean the outside of the jacket. Take the second washcloth and dip in the non-soapy water and wipe out the soap. Finally, use the last washcloth to dry the jacket. When you are done with the cleaning, hang in to dry out the remaining water.

• Storage

Sunlight discolors leather; thus, you shouldn't put it where it can get direct sun contact. To avoid getting cracks due to folding, always hung it in a well-ventilated space that is not dumpy. Use a premium leather conditioner to prevent it from losing moisture and keep it away from heat as it may dry and become brittle.

• Wearing

Avoid wearing your leather jacket during rainy seasons as the rainwater may get it soaked, damaging it. In case it gets wet, hang it immediately to dry.


Satin jackets are delicate and should be handled with care during cleaning and storage. The cleaning and caring of satin bombers mainly depend on the fibers used, such as synthetic, cotton and silk, but the general care is as follows.

• Washing

Satin bomber jackets should be hand-washed or be cleaned with a washing machine on the delicate wash cycle setting.


Use cold water and a gentle detergent to wash the satin bomber jacket. First, wash with soapy water and scrub all dirty spots until they are clean. Rinse it in a second basin with clean cold water (you can rinse twice). After cleaning, roll it in a towel to remove water, then air dry it by laying it on a dry towel away from high heat. Avoid squeezing as it reduces shape and size.

• Storage

Store in places where it does not directly contact sunlight as satin loses the shine once exposed. Store your satin bomber jacket in breathable cotton hanging bags to prevent bugs from invading them. Storing them in plastic bags traps mildew-causing moisture, which is a good environment for bugs.

• Wearing

Satin is wrinkle resistance, but in case it wrinkles, iron with low heat and make sure the inner side is on top. You can wear your satin bomber jacket anywhere and during any season without worrying that it will get damaged.


Nylon is extremely strong and lightweight and the bomber jackets made of nylon don't require extreme care. However, read the cloth tag on your nylon bomber jacket to know how to take care of it.

• Washing

Nylon bomber jackets can be cleaned using a washing machine or by hand. Hand-washing is preferred for delicate pieces.


Put cold water and a mild-friendly detergent in a basin, mix properly and then put the nylon bomber jacket. Then leave it to soak for about 5 minutes. Rinse with fresh water twice and in the final rinse. You should never use chlorine bleach on nylon. After cleaning, air dry by hanging on stainless hangers.

• Storage

Store the bomber jacket when clean and if you are storing them for a long duration, use breathable bags. Plastic bags cause yellowing and trap moisture creating an environment that favors the breeding of bugs.

• Wearing

Nylon is extremely strong and wrinkle-resistant; hence, it is not delicate when ironing and wearing, but you should take basic care.


Hopefully, you have understood how to care for a bomber jacket for different make materials. Clearly, basic care is essential to all the material types to make your bomber jacket last longer. Leverage the above tips to care for your jacket during cleaning, storage and wearing and it will serve you for long. Along with the knowledge provided above, use the manufacturer's instructions for better results.