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  • Typograffiti

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    Being headquartered in London here at Hentsch Man makes us privy to some of the finest graffiti in the world and when it comes to creativity, there are few types of graffiti that appeal more than those which showcase typography at its finest.

    Here in London, we have a particular adept graffiti artist by the name of Eine that showcases his typography talents on all manner of concrete canvasses across our fair city, including the rather impressive one you can see above. There is something about typography that will appeal to any creative's sensibilities and we're spoilt here in London because you'll barely walk a few steps without seeing some magnificently creative wall art before you. You can see a few more of Eine's pieces below:




    It's not just the streets of London where you'll discover some brilliant graffiti which celebrates the art of typography as there are plenty of other artists out there equally as enamoured with the artistry of fonts.

    It regularly stops us in our tracks when we see new works of art on the walls surrounding us at Hentsch Man headquarters and we dare say that we've fans all over the world equally in love with the graffiti on their own streets. There is something about typography centric graffiti that really appeals though and you can see some of the best we've encountered below:






    It seldom ceases to amaze just how bold and striking graffiti can be and it has the real power to literally stop you in your tracks when you come across it. Born from creative spirit, graffiti can be quite a divisive topic but we're definitely in the pro camp at Hentsch Man HQ as there is so much creativity bubbling away beneath the surface on the street art scene that it really shouldn't be stifled if it's conducted in the right way.

    We love all manners of art work at Hentsch Man and often draw inspiration from it in the creation of our apparel. We love London and it is home to so much stunning graffiti that we're always encountering new artwork on a daily basis from those street artists who use London as their canvas. What's your favourite street art in your city?!

  • Get the M Gustave Style

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    In celebration of the fact that The Grand Budapest Hotel, quite rightly, achieved nominations aplenty for the impending Oscars in February (with a total of nine nominations, no less) we've decided to put together a little crib sheet for capturing the style of the film's undoubted hero, a certain M Gustave (played so wonderfully well by Ralph Fiennes).

    Needless to say, given his role as a concierge, M Gustave spends the majority of the time dressed in hotel attire but that doesn't mean to say he doesn't boss it from a style point of view so we'll take a look at some of the things that he got spot on courtesy of Wes Anderson's wonderful attention to detail in his costume designs.

    The Shirt:


    Spending the majority of the movie in a crisp, white shirt obviously appeals to our style sensibilities here at Hentsch Man given our founding objective of crafting the perfect white shirt and we're in awe of how well M. Gustave maintains his cornerstone piece of clothing throughout the movie even whilst running through his lobby like a loon. You can pick up one of our equally as awesome white shirts HERE.

    The Blazer:


    In one of the rare scenes when M Gustave is seen outside his hotel uniform, he is no less sartorially superior and his fantastic suit jacket is the principal catalyst for his soaring style. Simple, sharp and impeccably tailored are characteristics that typify his outfit for his schmoozing above and we've got the ideal blazer at Hentsch Man for you to carry this look off with aplomb.

    The Trousers:

    grand budapest

    A more magnificent pair of trousers you will seldom see than those sported throughout The Grand Budapest Hotel by M Gustave. These wonderfully dapper trousers will probably not quite cut the mustard in 2015 (though they should) so you should perhaps consider something a little toned down, such as our smashing Midnight Blue Joe Trousers.

    We've got our fingers well and truly crossed here at Hentsch Man HQ that The Grand Budapest Hotel emerges victorious come Oscar night and that Ralph Fiennes accepts the awards in character but, lamentably, we suspect that might just be a pipe dream.

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