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  • Another Year Another Season

    In this relentless merry-go-around world of fashion, the end of one season only means the beginning of the next - and the fact that you are already terribly late... By this time the production department is yelling, fabric samples have gone astray, skrite-offs prints are a disaster, lab dips colours are totally wrong... Also by this time, you've lost your hair, your appetite, your sleep, inner peace and generally your mind.

    None of this would be worth it if it weren't for the promise of the new season to come. When sketches become garments, ideas become fashion shows, chats become the real deal... Here's to bedding the AW15 collection... And to hoping it will be as beautiful as the dreaming of it...


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  • Shamefully Overdue

    Dearest reader, if you're even still there... We are shamefully overdue on this post. There have been heaps of activity over the past few months and the truth is that writing about it, as well as living it, is a little hectic.

    But in this tiny period of down time, between putting the AW15 collection to rest (or into sampling) and the next burst of activity (upcoming pop-up, London Collections Show, AW15 look book, general global travel and more), we've hit a little window. A window for blogging. And how good it feels to get back in the saddle. The trouble is, there's more to say then time in a day... So we're just going to put in down in images... And promise that the next post won't be so overdue.

    Enjoy our last few months...

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