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  • Super super 8!

    As a tribute to the past 'and-how-much-better-things-were-before-the-digital-era', we decided to go the length and shoot our SS15 LCM film on a Super 8 camera on ACTUAL film. If you can believe?

    So to be clear; this is not an Instagram filter. This is the real deal. The film was purchased from a dwindling supplier, shot in real time, developed in the bath tub, digitized, then edited and completed...

    Et voila le final result. Enjoy!


    Should be the motto of everyone coming out of a long and arduous European/North American winter... And that's why we're introducing our graphic tees to help you see the light at the end of this dark and cold tunne. Now available here

    hm253emi-blk.eatmoreicecream3_736x800 hm258lh-gm.lehappy3_736x800_1 hm259abp-wh.abetterplace.white_736x800 hm281ban-blk.bananas3_736x800-1 hm280mc.mrcool3_736x800

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