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  • Pop Up Shopping

    Shopping around in Soho for potential pop-up shops is a fantastic way to spend a weekend... Still such weird and wonderful quirks to be found in this part of town... But sadly the various city councils and real estate conglomerates don't see it that way... They see big bucks and 'opportunity'.

    Why is London so hell-bent on gentrification? Don't they see that when the sex shops, vinyl havens, kebab corners, fabric retailers, various forms of black market trade, independent art stores, books stores, news agents and vintage shops are gone, they'll be gone for good and in their stead we'll have a soulless chain of high street stores and a drab made-to-order city centre not too dissimilar to what happened in the city...

    Maybe Hentsch Man is part of the problem too? Maybe a pop-up shop in lieu of a sex shop is just as bad as Starbucks? We like to think not, but maybe you disagree... Either way, it's what we're doing. Watch this space for details of our upcoming Christmas pop-up...

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  • Twin Peak Returns: Style Awesomeness to Ensue


    Twin Peaks was a Marmite-esque piece of televisual history insomuch as you either loved it or hated it but we're well and truly in the 'loved it' camp here at Hentsch Man HQ and we were understandably delighted to hear that a new series of Twin Peaks will be hitting our screens in 2016.

    Some 25 years after the last episode, David Lynch and Mark Frost will be returning us to the madcap town of Twin Peaks and we're mightily excited at this prospect - not least because the fashion choices in the show were top notch indeed. In a weirdly prophetic way, the fashion choices exhibited by the inhabitants of Twin Peaks over 25 years ago were spot on for today's trends so we're fully expecting that what we see in the 2016 iteration of the show to be what people will be wearing in a quarter of a century's time.


    David Lynch is a director who is certainly more of a shepherd than a sheep and he definitely marches to beat of his own drum unconcerned with convention or norms and this positively shines through in his Twin Peak TV series and, indeed, the vast majority of the movies that he has made.

    Here at Hentsch Man, we're mightily excited about the impending return of Special Agent Dale Cooper et al and even though there's well over a year until the show hits our screens again, this just gives us more time to get our hands on the boxsets of the past series and bring ourselves back up to date.


    If you're looking for a style Sherpa (and can wait until 2016) then we dare say that you'll likely find plenty to gleam from the new series of Twin Peaks because the eclectic style of the characters will definitely help formulate some first rate fashion advice that we can all follow.



    If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, you'll join us in welcoming its return and, even if you're not, we reckon you should give it another shot because it's madcap brilliance at its finest.

    Read more about Twin Peaks' return HERE.

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