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  • Ruffians Barber Shop



    A Hentsch Man values a good hair cut just as much as a crisp white shirt.  Bringing it back to the basics of barber shops, here is a new way to keep your ‘do’ in check.  Ruffians is not your average barber shop, incorporating the charm of barbering with practicality into your busy life.  We sent one of our own, Paul our Wholesale Manager, to see if Ruffians lived up to the standards and boy were we happy.

    Located in Covent Garden, this vintage feeling barber shop goes above and beyond what you may expect.  It all began when Andrew Cannon was bored and frustrated by his experiences and barber shops so he decided to create the ultimate barber shop, which could fit the tastes of any gentleman who walked through its doors.  Andrew founded Ruffians with a view to revolutionise and modernise the barbering experience.  Having won many awards for their creativity and niche market in Edinburgh, Ruffians decided to move to the big city and give London a chance in December of 2013.

    Ruffians offers a wide array of services from haircuts to beard and moustache trims which all include a nice scalp or neck massage.  Ruffians offers an array of grooming products, you can choose between moisturizing, strengthening or anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner which are all sulfate and paraben free products or one of Ruffians two signature scents.  While enjoying your service, you will also enjoy a hot toddy (a Scottish classic) or a cup of coffee sitting by the cozy fireplace.   Be sure to check out Ruffians next time you are in need of a fresh look or just some relaxation.

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