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  • Halloween Horror Show

    Let's face it, Halloween isn't a time of year whereby people actively look to score style points but some celebrities make some rather hilarious fashion blunders when October 31st rolls around each year and some of them will likely have given their stylist the boot for giving them such heinous advice this Halloween.

    Though Halloween has been and gone for another year, we here at Hentsch Man thought we'd get into the spirit of things by taking a look at some of the most disastrous Halloween costumes out there (and also some spectacularly inventive ones as well) that will show us just why we all love Halloween when it arrives each year.

    Let's get this party started by delving into some of the biggest crimes against fashion that celebrities have committed on Halloween's past over the last few years and you'll see just why celebrities shouldn't really be allowed out on Halloween.

    Lily Allen

    lilly allen

    Lamentably, it doesn't look like a style doctor was in  the house when Lily Allen opted for this rather unusual outfit for a Halloween party this year and it probably isn't the best look the ordinarily stylish Allen has opted for in a while.

    Katy Perry

    katy perry

    Dressing as a Cheeto might not be the most obvious choice when it comes to Halloween (I don't think they had an Cheeto trials in Salem) but Katy Perry isn't one for conforming to conventions so who are we to argue?!

    Adam Sandler

    adam sandler

    Putting on a pirate hat does not a Halloween costume make, Sandler!

    Joey Essex

    joey essex

    The most haunting thing about this costume from Joey Essex is the fact he wasn't discernibly wearing it for any reason pertaining to Halloween *shudder*

    Things aren't all bad though this Halloween, there are plenty of non celebrities out there who are getting their costumes spot on and you can see some of our favourites at Hentsch Man HQ below:


    Splendid stuff. A spot on rendition of Emmet from The LEGO Movie. Everything is indeed awesome, young man.


    It's not just humans who can win at Halloween as this top notch Marty McMutt admirably illustrates. Normally we'd probably frown upon dressing your animals up but when the end result is as good as this, we've no complaints!


    Dressing your child up as one of the scariest things ever to grace the silver screen (a xenomorph from Alien) might not seem like good parenting but it's certainly good Halloweening.

    Last but not least, I think an honourable mention needs to go to this Minion pumpkin:


    A happy Hentsch Man Halloween from us all!

  • A Japanese Shirt Story

    We're delighted to be introducing our latest coup; A Japanese Shirt Story. This collection of shirts is made in Europe, but of 100% Japanese cotton fabrics. The prints and indigo colours are reminiscent of a mens summer kimonos. Indigo-dyed, block printed and almost always in 100% cotton, these kimonos have trickled into western fashion for being beautiful and timeless.For this mini-collection, we've used the fabrics and prints as inspiration and put them on our best-selling shirt block, The Friday Shirt. Perfect for the changing of the clocks and the more sombre tones of Autumn. Enjoy this limited edition shirt story... japan1_1 japan2_1 japan3_1 japan4_1

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