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  • BFI London Film Festival

    As proud Londoners here at Hentsch Man headquarters, we rightly see fit to champion the cause of any festivals or events that lighten our doorstep and whilst the BFI London Film Festival isn't exactly a shrinking violet in need of our rooftop shouting, it is something that is close to our hearts given our immense love of films from the inimitable Wes Anderson offerings through to more mainstream fare.
    The BFI Film Festival runs from the 8th - 19th of October and will serve as a sensory overload for any film-lover as it will be showing just under 250 films in 17 different venues and here at Hentsch Man, we've got our eye on a few movies in particular that will fill you in on shortly.
    We think that movies make the world go round and this year's BFI Film Festival looks to be an absolute doozy. Check out our pick of the top 3 films to watch from the festival below:

    The Imitation Game:


    Starring one of the UK's most suave and brilliantly monikered individuals, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game tells the true story of Alan Turing and his incredible work on the Enigma Machine to crack Nazi codes during WWII. A brilliant looking recreation with some first rate vintage costuming going on - definitely one we're eagerly anticipating at Hentsch Man.



    You can't beat a good documentary (and there are few things worse than a bad one) but, fortunately, the superb looking Hockney documentary from Picture House Entertainment unequivocally looks to fall into the former category and sheds light on one of the UK's best loved (and wonderfully eccentric) artists. This exploration of Hockney's incredible life will be making an appearance at BFI and looks to be an absolute must-see for any fans of his work or, indeed, the art world in general.

    The Night Bus:


    For anyone who has been on a night bus in London, which is just about everyone at some drunken point or other, this brilliant looking comedy from writer / director, Simon Baker, will ring true in many ways most likely and you'll probably see some antics in the trailer above that you've encountered before as well. It's the undercurrent of craziness that makes London such an entertaining place to live and we're glad that some of these humorous happenings are being representing at the BFI Film Festival in the great looking The Night Bus.
    If you've an affinity for film akin to ours here at Hentsch Man and want to catch some of the latest and greatest films and ruin them for your cohorts before they're released nationwide, there is still time to grab tickets for many of the movies being shown at the BFI Film Festival. And if you can't get tickets, just stick on your dog-earred copy of The Royal Tennenbaums and enjoy that instead!

  • Another Year Another Season

    In this relentless merry-go-around world of fashion, the end of one season only means the beginning of the next - and the fact that you are already terribly late... By this time the production department is yelling, fabric samples have gone astray, skrite-offs prints are a disaster, lab dips colours are totally wrong... Also by this time, you've lost your hair, your appetite, your sleep, inner peace and generally your mind.

    None of this would be worth it if it weren't for the promise of the new season to come. When sketches become garments, ideas become fashion shows, chats become the real deal... Here's to bedding the AW15 collection... And to hoping it will be as beautiful as the dreaming of it...


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