Hentsch Life


  • Love for Mr. Porter

    Dearest friends,
    We're delighted to be introducing our latest joint venture with Mr. Porter. Our nine-piece capsule collection has just launched to great aplomb... Get it while it's hot - the collection is limited edition and selling out fast... Tuck in!

    422143_mrp_in_l 422144_mrp_in_l 422145_mrp_in_l 422146_mrp_in_l 422148_mrp_in_l 422153_mrp_in_l 422267_mrp_in_l 422268_mrp_in_lhentsch-man-for-mr-porter-springsummer-2014-capsule-collecion-02-960x640 hentsch-man-for-mr-porter-springsummer-2014-capsule-collecion-01-960x640

  • Type Travel

    A little inspiration before setting off on yet another collection... Fashion = hamster wheel... Thank god for the bits in between...

    IMG_3695 IMG_3697 IMG_3867 IMG_3943 IMG_3960 DSC02860 IMG_3681 IMG_3698 IMG_3848 IMG_3869 IMG_3916 IMG_3965 DSC02975 IMG_3705 IMG_3876 IMG_3879 IMG_3978 IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3669 IMG_3732 IMG_3651 IMG_3666 IMG_3680 IMG_3684 IMG_3833 IMG_3849 IMG_3877 IMG_3880 IMG_3923 IMG_3925 IMG_3959

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