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  • Oh, Crombie...

    We're delighted to be bringing back our ever-famous Crombie Coat. A little more deconstructed and over-sized than previous versions, but just as warm, cozy and on trend as before.
    This season we have designed our exclusive blue stripe fabric, as well a more traditional grey woven check and classic navy for those less daring. At long last, Autumn has arrived!



  • And The Winner Is...

    The Mercury Music Prize is a fairly prestigious award, it's fair to say, or at least it adds a considerable number of zeros to the bank balance of the winner and this years event will be unfolding in a few days time when the winner is announced at the St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel.
    Whilst we're in no position to say which artist is going to swagger away with the award on the night here at Hentsch Man we've got our eyes on some of the nominees and their particular fashion sense so, if'll you'll permit us, we'll hold our own adhoc Mercury Fashion Awards and see who comes out on top.

    The Nominees:


    Damon Albarn has been around longer than would seem logistically possible in the music industry and, as if to add further insult to his success, doesn't appear to have aged one jot in that time. Thankfully, however, we're glad to report that his fashion sense has improved with age, like a fine wine, and he now dresses, somewhat comfortingly, like an adult as opposed to the shell-suit donning fella in the 90s.


    East India Youth, better known as (if you've heard of him that is), William Doyle, is a most dapper chap indeed looking like he's been delivered straight out of the 60s to impress us with his strangely hypnotic tunes. Boasting a fashion sense that leaves us impressed here at Hentsch Man (no doubt largely in thanks to his stylist), East India Youth is an early front-runner in our fashion Mercury Awards.


    If in doubt, dress as your granddad would dress appears to be Nick Mulvey's mantra but there's no doubting its working for him and this wondrous warbler has plenty of plaudits for both his musical prowess and his effortless style. Casualness abounds with Mulvey's wardrobe choices and his laid back attitude certainly permeates both his songs and style choices. A favourite of ours here at Hentsch Man HQ.

    young fathers

    An eclectic band in both their musical offerings and their style leanings, Young Fathers is a three-piece team of new age rappers who appear to have an inimitable sense of style which sets them apart as shepherds rather than sheep in our book. Big things are expected of this trio (perhaps even bigger than making the cut in our Fashion Mercury Awards) and if their early stylings are anything to go on, there definitely one to keep an eye on.

    And The Winner Is....

    east india

    Well, if he doesn't win on the night, William Doyle from East India Youth can console himself in the fact we've bestowed him with the considerably more sought after but decidedly less lucrative Fashion Mercury Award....Kudos, sir.

    See more about the Mercury Music Price HERE.

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