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  • Behind the Pop

    The time has come yet again for our annual Christmas Pop Up Shop. Having scoured the streets of London to find an ideal locale, this year we came across a gem of a spot in the heart of Soho's Red Light district; a little lane known as 'Sex Alley' rife with adult shops, clubs, seedy bars and now Hentsch Man.
    The actual spot was an infamous sex shop and club, but sadly for the gents of the town the spot was shut down a few months ago and is now to be re-incarnated as our the seat of our XXXMAS POP UP.
    But before we turn it into a beacon of class and elegance, there are a few incriminating bits and pieces to get rid of...

    See you for the opening on Thursday 27th November!IMG_3025 IMG_3023 IMG_3003 IMG_3001 IMG_2998 IMG_2996 IMG_2995 IMG_2994 IMG_2992 IMG_2991 IMG_2990 IMG_2972 IMG_2971 IMG_2968 IMG_2962 IMG_2960 IMG_2954

  • Architecture Biennale Venice


    Architecture is something that we're spoilt with having our headquarters in London but it is also a passion that runs deep in all that we do and when events like Architecture Biennale Venice are held, it is entirely impossible not to be inspired.

    The Architecture Biennale Venice event is held, as the name patently suggests, in Venice but you'll need to hop a plane post haste if you want to breathe it in for yourself because the final day of the event is this weekend.

    This year's event, which has been running since June, has been curated by Dutch designer, architect and all-round talented chap, Rem Koolhass (and, as you can see, he has an equally as epic name to go alongside his creative talents) who has picked out some of the finest architectural accomplishments of the year and gives the public the opportunity to witness these projects for themselves.








    A highly stimulating event that should appeal to your sensibilities even if you don't have a long-held interest in architecture, the Biennale has an ever-growing following from design aficionados and this year's event has been heralded as yet another success, chock-full of ingenious design inspiration.

    Though we're obviously purveyors of fashion here at Hentsch Man, architecture, art and design perennially pervade our ideas of inspiration and it is events like the Biennale that act as a catalyst for our creativity sessions.

    Wonderfully inventive, eye-opening and indicative of both the past and future of architectural design, the Biennale is unlike any other event and we whole-heartedly recommend that you hop on a plane in the next few days and check it out before it gets closed down on Sunday.

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