Hentsch Life


  • A Japanese Shirt Story

    We're delighted to be introducing our latest coup; A Japanese Shirt Story. This collection of shirts is made in Europe, but of 100% Japanese cotton fabrics. The prints and indigo colours are reminiscent of a mens summer kimonos. Indigo-dyed, block printed and almost always in 100% cotton, these kimonos have trickled into western fashion for being beautiful and timeless.For this mini-collection, we've used the fabrics and prints as inspiration and put them on our best-selling shirt block, The Friday Shirt. Perfect for the changing of the clocks and the more sombre tones of Autumn. Enjoy this limited edition shirt story... japan1_1 japan2_1 japan3_1 japan4_1

  • Oh, Crombie...

    We're delighted to be bringing back our ever-famous Crombie Coat. A little more deconstructed and over-sized than previous versions, but just as warm, cozy and on trend as before.
    This season we have designed our exclusive blue stripe fabric, as well a more traditional grey woven check and classic navy for those less daring. At long last, Autumn has arrived!



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