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  • Bad Dads Wes Anderson Exhibition


    So far as stylistic icons of the last decade or so are concerned, there are few that have such extraordinary vision as Wes Anderson, the auteur of such classic movies as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Royal Tenenbaums and we were delighted when we stumbled across an excellent art exhibition which celebrates the movie making talents of Mr Anderson called Bad Dads which is held at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.

    All manner of iconic characters have emerged from the movies of Wes Anderson, whether this be Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) in The Life Aquatic or Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) in The Royal Tenenbaums and if you're as a big a fan of all things Anderson as we are at Hentsch Man HQ, you will certainly find plenty to enjoy in this first class Bad Dads art exhibition which celebrates the visionary work of the man himself.

    A number of leading artists have leant their creative talents to the exhibition and each piece is available for purchase though, lamentably, many of them have already been sold (including the awesome Fantastic Mr Fox statue above) but that doesn't mean to say you can't go along and revel in the awesome artwork for yourself before the exhibition finishes on November 22nd. Don't just take our word for it, however, take a look at just a selection of the fantastic Wes Anderson inspired artwork on show at the event below:













    Wes Anderson certainly serves as a style Sherpa for us at Hentsch Man and we're firm followers of his many excellent movies so we are more than a little distraught that we won't be in San Francisco in the next couple of weeks to witness this spiffing exhibition first hand but we're happy to make do with the brilliant images of the event above.

    It is little wonder that the work of Wes Anderson has inspired creative types to exhibit their love of his eccentric stylistic leanings but we've not seen many better examples of this appreciation being shown than with this Bad Dads Wes Anderson Exhibition at Spoke Art Gallery. Boasting a selection of paintings, statues and even the odd diorama or two, there is sure to be something that will be right up your street if your an Anderson fan at this top class art event.

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