Hentsch Man is a simple, elegant and wearable menswear brand, which provides men with classic wardrobe basics. The products have been designed to eliminate all fanciful details, ensuring that the clothes are fitted, flattering and subtle. The collection is compact, offering a handful carefully selected items, rather than a bombardment of too much choice. Essentially, a one-stop-shop for basic staples – from a classic white shirt, to well-tailored trousers and the occasional quirky accessory.

The idea came about in the search for the perfect white shirt – a staple in any man’s wardrobe, and yet so difficult to find. So we set about designing one and when we felt we got it right, we placed a small order. The response was so positive that we knew we had touched upon a nerve. Without compromising our brand values of simplicity and function, we expanded the shirt collection, added trousers, jackets, shorts and accessories, creating a more complete menswear collection.

Our values can be seen in the quality of our materials and production. We keep all manufacturing in Europe as we believe in its superior quality and reliability. All our fabrics and raw materials come from Italy, Portugal and Spain. We like to think that, even in the smallest way, we are contributing to the continuation of European manufacturing heritage.

As well as our own products, we like to offer you bits and pieces we’ve collected from around the world. We keep an eye out for local flare; Indian plimsoles, Venetian velvet slippers, original desert boots, Mediterranean espadrilles, classic panama hats – things that were around long before us and that we wouldn’t dream of copying. By incorporating them under the Hentsch Man banner, we bring you a wardrobe of elegant basics with a twist in the detailing. We want our Hentsch Men to look chic, but not like they’ve fallen out of a catalogue.


Hentsch Man was launched in 2008 by two childhood friends, Alexia and Max. While Alexia is the creative driving force behind the brand, Max busies himself with the numbers. Feel free to drop them a line at: